Kutxa-Sendogi Capital

logo_kutxaSendogi Capital FCR is a Kutxa fund controlled by the Venture Capital group Talde, which seeks to contribute to both start-up and developing companies. Kutxa, the leader of the financial system in Gipuzkoa, has been making great contributions through Sendogi Capital to both start-up technology-based companies and SMEs in the development or expansion phase.

logo_taldeTalde is a private company which has been a pioneer in venture capital management, with more than 30 years of experience in conferring value to small and medium enterprises.

Since 1977, Talde has contributed to more than 135 companies, having invested more than 140 million euros.

Talde Gestión, SGECR, S.A., manages the following Funds:
- Talde Capital I FCR
- Talde Capital II FCR (with the support of the European Commission initiative for growth and jobs, through the European Investment Fund).
- Talde Promoción y Desarrollo, SCR, S.A.
- Sendogi Capital FCR
- Riojana de Capital Riesgo, SCR, S.A. (Ricari)

The Talde Group:
- Provides financial resources to SMEs, contributing to their development.
- Supports management of contributing companies.
- Manages venture capital funds and companies.

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