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The UltraClip project was a collaborative project undertaken by NEOS together with Ultrasion and Eurecat. The goal of the project was to develop an innovative aneurysm clip, based on the use of PEEK supplemented with carbon fiber and the ground-breaking manufacturing technology of ultrasonic micro molding. Compared to convenional micro molding, ultrasonic micro molding is more cost-efficient and strongly reduces the environmental impact (with less energy and material consumption).

Aneurysms are localized dilations in a blood vessel, caused by the weakening of the wall. The risk exists that these dilations burst and cause a hemorrage. One of the options to treat these dilations is by sealing their neck through an external clip. One of the disadvantages of current metallic clips is that they cause artefacts (distortions) in medical imaging, thus rendering patient follow-up more difficult. Consequently, working on a polymer-based clip (such as the one developed in UltraClip) may potentially solve this aspect.

In the project, NEOS managed to optimize the process parameters of ultrasonic micro molding of the new aneurysm clips. As a result, we were able to develop two prototypes (with two different geometries) of the clips. These were then evaluated in a physiologic environment (by clipping an artery in a pig), where their performance and capacity to reduce artefacts were demonstrated.

This project was carried out by NEOS and its partners with the support of:


within its "Nuclis d’Innovació Tecnològica Local" call.

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