NEOS Surgery donates Cranial LOOP devices to Doctor Clavel Foundation for Ethiopia

NEOS Surgery has donated Cranial LOOP devices to the Doctor Clavel Foundation, an initiative of neurosurgeon Pablo Clavel and his team that does charity work with hospitals in developing countries to encourage the study of diseases of the brain and spinal cord and to improve quality of life for patients.

The foundation’s main project is at Adama Hospital Medical College, in the capital of the most populated region of Ethiopia. Ethiopia has more than 105 million inhabitants and just twenty neurosurgeons. This year, the Doctor Clavel Foundation has organised five medical expeditions to perform surgeries to implant the Cranial LOOP device in several patients. Their ties to the hospital go beyond that, however, as the foundation is also promoting a Neurosurgery Unit to train doctors in this specialisation using advanced techniques and helping optimise hospital costs.

Cranial LOOP is being used in public and private hospitals all over the world to close craniotomies. The benefits compared to more traditional techniques is that it takes just seconds to implant and doesn’t require any additional instruments.

The medical team on the missions this year was led by Dr Ignasi Català and Dr Guillermo Montes, who worked with Dr Tewodro from the hospital.

Interested in collaborating with the Doctor Clavel Foundation? Check out its website to donate or volunteer.