NEOS Surgery, part of consortium receiving €3.9 M from European Commission for new multiple-sclerosis treatments

NEOS Surgery is part of a consortium that has received €3.9 million from the European Commission to develop new treatments and medical devices to help improve quality of life for patients with multiple sclerosis. The funding is part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Initial Training Network under the Horizon 2020 programme.

The PMSMatTrain consortium will be hiring 15 early stage researchers with international experience. Two of these researchers will join the Neos Surgery team. Candidates interested in this position can submit their application through the Euraxess portal now.

PMSMatTrain is coordinated by the University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway) and made up of six universities and two companies from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. The principal investigator is Dr Una Fitzgerald, director of the Galway Neuroscience Centre at NUI Galway. Also participating in the consortium is the renowned Prof. Abhay Pandit, scientific director at the Centre for Research in Medical Devices (CÚRAM).

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Photo: Dr Una Fitzgerald