NEOS Surgery, special guest at a Spanish Patent Agency and European Patent Office workshop

NEOS Surgery took part in the virtual Patenting procedures relating to medical devices workshop of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Agency (OEPM) and the European Patent Office (EPO), on 28 October, as an example of the importance of industrial property rights in running a successful business.

The workshop started with presentations by Marjorie Chopinaud, Anna Kajzar, Leopoldo Belda, Antonio Cárdenas, and Javier Collado, expert patent examiners from both offices, who presented the main stages of patent procedures in Spain and Europe, including the requirements, exceptions and trends.

Next, Lluís Chico, managing partner of NEOS Surgery, highlighted the role that patents play in the company’s technology- and innovation-based business model: “When we detect an unmet medical need, the second analysis we conduct is whether it can be protected. Patents are our best guarantee when we reach the market”. This has been the case for the Cranial LOOP line, an innovative cranial closure solution following surgery, and our latest products under development, DISC care™, for spinal cord surgery, and STERN Fix™, for heart surgery.

NEOS Surgery features an IP Coordinator on the team and relies on specialised external advisers.

As part of the workshop, Leopoldo Belda, director of the General Mechanics and Construction Patents Area of the OEPM, interviewed Lluís Chico. You can watch the interview on the OEPM’s YouTube channel.