NEOS Surgery bestows a great value on R&D, which is at the heart of the company. As an innovation-oriented firm, we are an R&D-intensive organization, with a significant part of our staff dedicated to the creation of new solutions and the optimization of our current products.

NEOS is intensively working on new developments which can promptly become Key Surgery Products in areas like neuro, spinal and other surgical specialties. We are convinced that the best way to reach this goal is through a side-by-side collaboration with surgeons, to target the demands of our users and their patients.

We have developed a solid R&D experience thanks to our participation in both Spanish and European research projects.



Innovative medical devices targeting unmet clinical needs

Multidisciplinary and High-tech expertise focused in the development of new medical devices in cranial, spinal and other surgical areas.


Metal substitution in medical implants

NEOS has extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of implants made of high performance polymeric materials. This enable us to transform metallic implants into polymeric solutions that enhance medical imaging compatibility, among other features.


Smart design and manufacturing expertise

Improvement of current medical devices using high-performance biocompatible materials such as PEEK with and without carbon fiber reinforcement, Nitinol, Titanium and PET textiles among others.